A lightning machine

I love this diagram of a lightning machine I found whilst looking for images to inspire Barnaby.

Barnaby Bottlestop’s Penny Bazaar

Another rather silly one..

Barnaby Bottlestop’s Penny Bazaar

Barnaby Bottlestop’s Penny Bazaar,
Sells everything strange and peculi-ar,
There are gobstoppers there that never go weak,
The mice have a strange and sinister squeak,
There’s fireworks that’ll go bang in the night,
And Jack-in-the-Boxes to give you a fright,
And rabbits and buttons, birds and guitars,
And lightning machines made from feathers and stars,
There are statues of mermaids that are colossal;
A magical carpet, a ghost and a fossil,
And nothing is really quite what it seems,
There’s even a wobbling jar full of dreams,
You won’t need your coins, just a hope and a wish,
In the window’s a golden mechanical fish,
It appears when you need it, so it’s never far,
To Barnaby Bottlestop’s Penny Bazaar.

The Nose

I did this one today, it just popped into my head for some reason.

A girl of five was waiting for her father
Outside an old antique-y type of shop,
When a woman came along,
Like a gypsy from a song,
And turned to see whose face had made her stop.
‘There’s a nose that will stop all the trains, dear!
Good lord,’ she said ‘that really is a hoot!
It’s nothing short of shocking,
I believe that you need locking,
Up away, so you can hide your massive flute.’
The girl of five was not at all offended,
She had prior knowledge of her largish nose,
In fact she quite revered,
Having something quite so wierd,
And instead of hiding it, she struck a pose.
‘Don’t worry that my nose is not like others’,
It doesn’t bother me, it shouldn’t you,
Instead just be quite pleased,
That I don’t need to sneeze,
And we can share the street together, me and you.’