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My Vampire is Poorly

My vampire is poorly, he has a bad fang From the pain he sat up in his coffin and bang! He walloped his head on the lid of his coffin, Suddenly pain from his toothache was nuffin, He squealed and he squirmed, he shouted and growled, He wanted his mummy, he cried and he howled. [...]

The Smyte

High from up in the tangledy tree, You’ll hear the cry of the Smyte, You never will see him; he’ll never come down, From that dizzying, harrowing height.   Some say he’s a leopard with razor sharp teeth, Some say he’s a tiny fierce bear, And others; a monkey with stickery hands, Who climbed up [...]

Two Vampire Bats

Two Vampire Bats   Hanging upside down by their strong , sharp toes, Two vampire bats in quiet repose, Dreaming of night, as dark as mud, And a nice big lunch of bones and blood.   Wake up, wake up, time for flight, And wings stretch out at break of night. One bat, two bats [...]

Keep Away, Keep Away from the Woods Tonight.

  In the sweet, damp forest, in the warm dark night, a girl and her dog, quite an innocent sight, you wouldn’t know to see them, you wouldn’t even guess, she seems quite normal, in a lily white dress, but she holds dark magic, in the depths of her heart, the witch and her familiar, [...]

While you sleep

My mum used to sing lullabies at night, and tell me all sorts of things at bedtime to make me feel better. It’s with this in mind I wrote this little rhyme.   There is nothing in the dark except for more dark, There is nothing to be scared of, or afraid, There is no [...]

Hannibal Hamster

Its been a little while, so I thought I’d pop in a poem about a gangster hamster, I’ve never quite trusted them.   Hannibal Hamster   Hannibal hamster was fluffy and round, He was cuddly, but make no mistake, He was really a gangster, the worst one around, And he lived in a hutch by [...]

The Clockwork Mouse

Bits of this have been popping into my head for a few days. I finally pushed them altogether. The Clockwork Mouse In a box in the ground, buried very, very deep, Lies a clockwork mouse in the farthest depths of sleep, He moves not a muscle, not a whisker or a toe, And his clockwork [...]

The cow that swapped its moo

Henrietta the cow, thought she knew how, To moo like the greatest of bovine but one day she found, that instead of that sound she only could manage a low whine   To her great distress, (what a mess, what a mess!), she actually started to bark. It was quite a surprise the voice that [...]

Barnaby Bottlestop’s Penny Bazaar

Another rather silly one.. Barnaby Bottlestop’s Penny Bazaar Barnaby Bottlestop’s Penny Bazaar, Sells everything strange and peculi-ar, There are gobstoppers there that never go weak, The mice have a strange and sinister squeak, There’s fireworks that’ll go bang in the night, And Jack-in-the-Boxes to give you a fright, And rabbits and buttons, birds and guitars, [...]

The Nose

I did this one today, it just popped into my head for some reason. A girl of five was waiting for her father Outside an old antique-y type of shop, When a woman came along, Like a gypsy from a song, And turned to see whose face had made her stop. ‘There’s a nose that [...]