My Vampire is Poorly

My vampire is poorly, he has a bad fang
From the pain he sat up in his coffin and bang!
He walloped his head on the lid of his coffin,
Suddenly pain from his toothache was nuffin,
He squealed and he squirmed, he shouted and growled,
He wanted his mummy, he cried and he howled.
Having a vampire that makes so much racket,
Is very annoying, and I couldn’t hack it.

I decided to make a potion for pain,
I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again,
It’s the only way really to calm down my pet,
It starts with some woodlice I caught with a net,
I squashed them right down with the back of a spoon,
Then popped in some hair from a grumpy baboon.
The next part was easy, some fluff from a cloud,
(By this point my vampire was getting quite loud).
I cooked it with spiders’ legs, old eggs and soil,
It smelled something awful but started to boil,
The colour was blue, and then purple and green,
It let out a whistle and lots of black steam,

I tied an old spoon to a long piece of wire,
Stood quite far back and I fed my vampire,
He clutched at his throat and made quite a sound,
His face went quite pink and he fell to the ground,
But then he changed colour to a quite normal white,
He smiled evilly and said he felt all right,
I thought it was best then to leave him alone,
It’s a bit of a risk keeping vampires at home.

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