Two Vampire Bats

Two Vampire Bats


Hanging upside down by their strong , sharp toes,

Two vampire bats in quiet repose,

Dreaming of night, as dark as mud,

And a nice big lunch of bones and blood.


Wake up, wake up, time for flight,

And wings stretch out at break of night.

One bat, two bats fly away,

They’ll hunt you down, you are their prey.


Children’s necks are soft to bite,

Their blood is sweet, they rarely fight,

But you are quick, you won’t be bit,

You’ll conquer them, you’ll use your wit.


Those vampire bats should take more care,

For when they fall into your lair…


One bat, two bats you will beat ‘em,

Before they bite you, you will eat ‘em!


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  1. Sharon says:

    Love it! The opening lines are brilliant!

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