The cow that swapped its moo

Henrietta the cow, thought she knew how,

To moo like the greatest of bovine

but one day she found,

that instead of that sound

she only could manage a low whine


To her great distress, (what a mess, what a mess!),

she actually started to bark.

It was quite a surprise

the voice that gave rise

was the wrong animal in the Ark


she asked the two bears, the ducks and the hares,

‘Oh where is my wonderful mooOO?’

She wanted the proof

By hook or by hoof,

She knew someone took it, but who?


But the horses said ‘neigh!’, in the ordinary way,

the bears growled, and the ducks quacked,

Henrietta was sure

that her moo was no more

she was sad but it seemed like a fact.



She tried with the sheep, who said not a peep,

so afraid were they of her growl,

she asked the giraffe

Who started to laugh

then the stick insects and guineafowl


Henrietta thought hard, had she played her last card?

She kicked thoughtfully at some logs,

she had asked one and all,

short, round and tall,

but why hadn’t she asked the dogs?


She started with poodles, with fur just like noodles,

Jack Russells, all covered with hair,

they all barked and woofed,

Henrietta just huffed,

till she saw one alone by a chair.


He was tiny and squat, and he sat in a pot

that should have been used for small plants

when he opened his snout

A loud ‘mooOOO!’ came out,

Henrietta started to dance.





‘My moo, my moo, it’s coming from you!

I’m so happy that it’s still around.’

The dog quite agreed

he was glad to be freed

from the really quite strange mooing sound


They swapped over quick, it was done in a tick,

then he was a dog, she a cow.

They made all their noises

now they had their voices

she went: ‘MoooOO,’ and he said: ‘bow, wOW!’





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